Fruit Nail Design For Spring Summer 2017

Spring is coming soon. You have no more need for keeping your hands and feet in gloves or heavy boots. It could be the right time to sport some special and distinctive manicure on your nails to vibrate with spring and upcoming summer amount of hours.
Then what kind of manicure theme will fit you in this jump?
When Hello Kitty nail art enjoy great popularity among many, Kitty bows are perfect nail decor. However, it is time to change the themes like Hello Kitty or girly patterns. So today I’d like reveal other nail design concepts for my readers to decorate their nails.
As we know, when spring is coming, people start to taste various delicious fruits. Why not try to get fruit-themed nail designs?
Let’s look at these creative, wonderful and delicious fruit-themed nails designs and also from the simplest one. Apparently, you could know this design must be inspired by French manicure idea because just tip of finger was tinted. And a piece of kiwi fruit was combined with the nail. If you’d like to express ” special ” passion for a particular fruit, this is a popular way to check out.
As for French manicure, there are also much applications for fruit-themed nail art work.
Also being enlightened by French nail pattern, but it will likely be of each nail tips go in the same tone of fruit want to express. Besides, if you obverse carefully, you will find out the nail bed are tinted by some transparent color with much paillettes in it. Do you like this style? I was surprised by its designer’s creativity. Also some glittery stuffs are glued on nails, which make key design more attrative and sparking.

Comparing with advertise one, it looks more simple with virtually no difficulty transparent nail bed. But each nail is added with assorted fruit bows.

Unlike the previous ones, in this style, the whole fruit formats are glued on coil nails. But in above ones, only associated with fruit pulp decorate finger nails.

As we all know, French manicure feature the special accent on the top of every fingernail. But this one is a converse French style for all fruit bows are prepared on the end of each nail bed. But it is also very cool. Is it possible for you come up with such innovative stylishness? I guess, I cannot.

Cherry style nail martial art. So cool and creative, right? Purchase has special passion for some fruit, not really try follow this pattern display your special taste and personality?
Wattermelon taste. Easy to recognize in crowds. And make my mouth h2o. Do you?
If experience less confidence in tinting nails by yourself, lots of fake nail patterns available to choose in market.
Fruit nail design is furthermore applied on toe nails like is made up of. So creative and amazing.

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